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A small selection of the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation’s supported projects from 1999 to 2017

Sjøfartsfilm AS

Among other things, they have made the movie “The War Sails - with honor in mind ", in addition to the movies "Maritime Women" and “The Flight From Dakar”. A Wilhelmsen Foundation gave financial support to help the project complete the movies.

Young Entrepreneurship

Young Entrepreneurship (UE) is an ideal nationwide organization that works in collaboration with the education system, businesses and other actors to develop children's and young people's creativity and faith in themselves. UE Oslo is responsible for this work in Oslo. A Wilhelmsen Foundation gave financial support to get the project going with focus on education.

Mohawk's friends

S/Y Mohawk II is Sjøkorpset’s pride and mother ship. She was built in 1904 by the Stowe & Son yard in Shoreham on the south coast of England. She is 81 feet, stretches to 92 feet when including the climbing boom, and leads up to 300 sqm sail on her two masts. Sjøkorpset has had a lot of enjoyment from the boat since they bought it in 1953. A Wilhelmsen Foundation gave financial support for maintenance of the ship.

Norwegian Center for War Sailor History

The foundation Archive received a request for 2016 funds to establish the Norwegian Center for War Sailor History and to the operation of the new War Sails Register. The center will also research, document and convey this important part of our history. A Wilhelmsen Foundation gave financial support on resources to complete the archive.

Support Orfeus Publishing

Orfeus Publishing is a cultural publishing company with lots of good books. They are among the leading companies within art, architecture and design books in the Nordic region. We are working closely with Arvinius + Orfeus in Sweden, I.B. Tauris and Philip Wilson in the UK. With their brilliant graphic designers and skilled Livonia publishers, they make books that are a delight for the eye while keeping the content high. They are proud of their documentary editors, who dare to give the unruly voice the word.

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