Mariner`s Prize


The Foundation supports Norwegian  seamen and Norwegian seafarers by awarding an annual Mariner’s Prize to a person or an institution that, in the past year, has made a special contribution to Norwegian seamen and seafarers. The prize is popular and was established in 2001. Listed below are the former winners of the Mariner’s Prize. If it is possible, the Foundation tries to hand out the award on the 8th of April, as this was Anders Wilhelmsen’s birthday.

Do you know any good candidate who deserves to win the Mariner’s Prize, please write us an email and explain why exactly this person or organization deserves to win. Please send the recommendation to

Mariners Prize wall

Bård Kolltveit



Bård efforts for Norwegian seamen and the Norwegian seaman stand. Through Bård's many years of work, he has been an important contributor in this area. We are happy to celebrate Bård accomplishments and we are greateful for the books he has written. 

Thorbjørn Solberg Andersen og Lillesand Sjømannsforening


Thorbjørn Solberg Andersen (Lillesand) and Lillesand Sjømannsforening (Lillesand Seamen Organization) for their year-long and extensive work with registration of seamen and in particular seamen during the Second World War.

No Award for this year


No Award for this year


Det Norske Sjømannskor


The Norwegian Mariner’s Choir for its tradition-bound cultural work within maritime song and music, and as an outstanding representative for Norwegian mariners.

No award ceremony for this year


No Award for this year


Eilert Munch Lund


Eilert Munch Lund for a serial documental movies regarding the Norwegian seaman and his family, illustrating life at sea and at home – in peace as well as wartime, in our time as well as in the past (Vår Maritime Kulturarv /”Our Maritime Cultural Heritage”).

Ola Sætren


Ola Sætren for 50 years of outstanding commitment and personal assistance to Norwegian mariners. “No task to great, no task too small”.

Eigil Eriksen og Svein Pettersen


Cruise ship masters Eigil Eriksen and Svein Pettersen for their personal commitment to the creation of a well-integrated, safe and rewarding working environment for thousands of seafarers.

Leif Eric Griffin


Norwegian-American Leif Eric Griffin for his longstanding commitment to and unstinting efforts on behalf of seafarers in Florida.

Kaare André Kopperud


Kaare André Kopperud in recognition of a lifetime of unceasing commitment to, and work on behalf of, Norwegian mariners and the seafaring profession.

No Award for this year


Geir Roger Benonisen


Fishing skipper Geir Roger Benonisen from Sørvågen in Lofoten was awarded the Sjømannsprisen for the storage of 30 passengers and one of the crew when "Lofotfjord 2" was due 17 December 2004

No Award for this year


Mannskapet på RS ”Erik Bye”


The crew of RS "Erik Bye" at the shipowner Robert Aksel Jakobsen (Stokmarknes), mate Alfred Finstad Aastrøm (Steinkjær), engineer Yngve Iversen (Brønnøysund) and machine assistant Ronny Pedersen (Skedsmokorset) for "good seaman" in connection with the rescue of former rescue skate skipper Charles Blade in 2002.

Kaptein Arne Rinnan


Captain Arne Rinnan was awarded the Seaman Prize after M / S "Tampa" rescue operation in Australian waters in 2001, where 438 refugees were rescued from a sinking ship.

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