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The A.Wilhelmsen Foundation was founded in 1999 in memory of the Awilhelmsen group founder Anders Wilhelmsen and his wife Aslaug Wilhelmsen. The foundation was founded by their sons Gjert and Arne Wilhelmsen. The board consists of five board members. 
The foundation supports:


Socially beneficial work by providing direct support to research and education at Norwegian colleges and universities, particularly in economics, corporate governance and the maritime sector. The A. Wilhelmsen Foundation cooperates with BI, NHH and HSN. (See the University s  Web Pages) The Foundation seldom provides support for education and further development purposes for individuals beyond the agreements we have with the colleges.

Furthermore, a seaman's award is awarded to the person or institution who has made an effort for Norwegian seafarers and Norwegian seaman's stand. The foundation can also accommodate other similar or special purposes.

We contribute in the maritime industry and provide support for education

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