The A. Wilhelmsen Foundation has agreements with the following institutions:

Christian Radich

The Foundation wanted to support Christian Radich with a vision of assisting in the conservation and continuation of Norwegian maritime culture as well as marine education for young people. The foundation supports this project until 2018, by giving a financial support for the maintenance of the ship.  

Our contribution is NOK 1.500.000,- annually from 2022 till 2024.

Christian Radich’s story started long before the ship was built in 1937. In 1878 Norway was the world’s third largest maritime shipping nation. Europe, including Norway, noticed to a larger extent, the effects of the industrialization throughout the 19th century and trade and shipping increased. There was a large need for training of seafarers. At this time, as a result of poor the economic situation in Norway, there was a large social need for the citizens of Oslo. Five socially motivated citizens from the city created a "Commitment for Purchasing of Boats for Boys destined for Sailors". The purpose of school ships was to educate seamen for transportation and trade. Most regular vessels around the turn of the century were sailboats, and that is the reason why sailing ships were considered so important to educate on and use. The Christian Radich function is to allow the experience of the tall ship sailing for people today.

Norwegian Business School BI

With effect from autumn 2010, the Foundation has entered into an agreement on a scholarship program with BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo (A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship Programme - BI). The agreement includes annual scholarships for up to two students:

Norges handelshøyskole

With effect from autumn 2007, the Foundation has an agreement on a scholarship program with the Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen (A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship Programme). The agreement includes an annual scholarship for two students for two years:

Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge

In March 2013, the Foundation entered into an agreement with the University College of Sørøst-Norge (HSN) on funding for a newly created position in the field of process control/process management with special focus on maritime applications, including LNG transport and use of LNG as fuel. The focus will be on building expertise, research and education projects within these disciplines.


The position must be linked to the Faculty of Technology and Maritime Studies. The foundation covers 2/3 of the cost over a period of 5 years from commencement. For example, if an applicant started studying on the 1st of December 2015.