How to apply for support



We recommend you to read our objects clause before applying. Is your need for support within our purpose?


Students at NHH and BI Oslo

For students at NHH and BI Oslo, applications must be sent directly to the schools. For more information about the application process through NHH and BI, please review the universities webpages.

For students

Send your application with the following information :

  • Your CV

  • Your grade transcript

  • A budget for your desired support

  • Confirmation from your school that you will be an student for the coming year

  • A motivation letter explaining why you’re applying and what you think you will achieve by receiving our support


The information helps us to evaluate the application appropriately.

Applications shall be sent to Please mark the subject field with APPLICATION.

For other applicants


If you have a case, an event, a project, a research project, a book or anything else you want

support for please provide us with the following information : 

  • Explain why you want to create this project.

  • Share with us the timeline of the project.

  • Let us know what you will use the finds for, and how they will be integrated  

  • Provide a budget

Applications shall be sent to Please mark the subject field with APPLICATION.

Processing your application


The Board of Directors will in each Board meeting process the latest incoming applications.




We have a running application deadline. The foundation has up to four board meetings a year in which all incoming applications are assessed. For scholarship applicants via BI or NHH, see the application deadline on the schools' websites. (Normally the application deadline is 1 March each year)