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Restoration of D / S Hestmanden

The A.Wilhelmsen Foundation has provided financial support for getting one of the cabins in order. The purpose of the restoration of the D/S Hestmanden is to preserve a national memorial to Norwegian seamen's efforts during two world wars. The ship will serve as a meeting place for peace work and cultural exchange. Restoration will also document Norwegian shipbuilding, shipping and Norwegian seafarers' working conditions and provide knowledge about and experience of our maritime heritage.

«D/S Hestmanden sailed for over 50 years. The ship is, by virtue of its history, a unique cultural heritage from the Norwegian merchant navy. Konvoifart through two world wars and a man's age in the coastguard has secured HORSES space in many hearts along our long coast. HESTMANDEN is a worthy representative of Norwegian shipbuilding and shipping and gives us an outstanding opportunity to convey maritime history from the twentieth century.»

On the Ship, the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation will sponsor one of the cabins with the following text:

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